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Empire of Thyatis

  • Actor. You grew up in one of Thyatis City's many acting troupes.
  • Athlete. At one time, you were a popular athlete within the Empire.
  • Blacksmith. You began as a blacksmith's apprentice in the Empire.
  • Physician. You were once a skilled physician.

Principalities of Ylaruum=

Republic of Darokin

  • Acolyte of the Church of Darokin. In the past, you served the Church of Darokin.
  • Agent of the Darokin Diplomatic Corps. You are an agent of the DDC - the Republic's powerful Intelligence network.
  • Backstage at the Great Theater. You grew up around the Great Theater of Darokin City.
  • Born of the Borderlands. You grew up in frontier (or unclaimed) territory outside of normal nationality constraints.
  • Charlatan. You have always had a way with conning people and taking them for what theyre worth.
  • Criminal. You are an experienced criminal with a history of breaking the law.
  • Merchant. In the past, you gained experience as a merchant in the great Republic.
  • Retired Assassin. You spent time in the employ of an Assassin's Guild or other underworld type organization and your hands are far from clean - but that life is behind you now, for the most part.
  • Street Rat. You grew up a street orphan, poor and alone.
  • Healer. Before you became an adventurer, you were a healer.