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A feat represents a special talent or set of abilities that a character can possess. It embodies training, experience, and abilities beyond what a class provides.


Feats can be earned during gameplay, purchased through factions, granted by backgrounds, or obtained during the levelling process.

Earned during gameplay

Feats may be earned through certain accomplishments - such as a reward for service or granted by a wondrous item. This method is the most common way the DM will hand out a feat.

Purchased through factions

Certain factions in Mystara offer access to the necessary training to gain a feat. Such feats are purchased through the expenditure of gold and downtime. This method often requires the character to "unlock" access to the feat through earning enough Reputation.

Granted by Background

Many feats can be gained through choosing the appropriate background during character creation.

Obtained on Levelling

Whenever you are eligible for an Ability Score Improvement, you may opt to choose a feat instead.


You must meet any prerequisites a feat requires. If you lose a prerequisite, you may not benefit from the feat until the prerequisite is restored.


Feats listed in the PHB that are not listed here are NOT available in the Mystara Campaign.