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Immortals are creatures of supernatural power that govern the lives of mortals. From the Outer Planes in which they live, they interfere in a more or less direct way in the events of Mystara. These beings are the Immortals, the divinities worshipped, feared, loved, or hated by the inhabitants of the world. The Immortals have various specific aims that differentiate them, and different dictates that signify to their faithful that which the Immortal judges to be the true path and nature of existence. All, however, have a common goal: gaining power, which allows them to improve their own position and prestige within the hierarchy of the Sphere to which they belong. In order to gain power, an Immortal must explore, expand, and pursue the objectives of his Sphere.
     Many of the Immortals begin their existence as (more or less) mortal creatures of various species, who during their life distinguish themselves in some particular way. Whether by their personal magical and intellectual capacity, by their audacious and impossible deeds, or for their dedication to a particular cause or people they become legendary leaders and heroes or infamouslyruthless and blood-thirsty mercenaries. Thanks to these qualities, they successfully discover the means to seek Immortality - effectively abandoning their own empty mortality to be reborn in body and spirit as eternal and quasi-omnipotent divinities.
     Some Immortals however, have never been shackled to a mortal existence. These beings belong instead to the so-called First Generation of Immortals, born at the dawn of time, when death had still to make an appearance. The origins of other Immortals remain totally obscure and if any of their fellows know more, they choose not to share. In many cases, these Immortals will occupy the highest posts of the Immortal hierarchy, but they are not considered superior to other Immortals simply by right of birth. Any Immortal can aspire to achieve the zenith of power within the hierarchy of the Celestial Spheres, should he successfully accumulate enough power to do so.
     Though they have enormous power, the Immortals are, nevertheless, neither omniscient nor omnipotent. They have need of faithful worshippers, in order to increase their own vigour, and to enhance their ability to exert influence on the world and the mortals therein. To do this they impart some of their energy upon special groups of faithful (called priests or clerics) who go out amongst their fellows, preaching their patron's ideas and seeking converts, and thus increasing the importance of the Immortal within the world. The Immortal will seek to advance his plans (whether covertly or overtly) throughout the planes of existence. Immortals do, however, show a preference for influencing Mystara.

Codex Immortalis

  • Alphaks. Patron of Hatred, Lord of Oppression, Lord of Destruction.
  • Arachne. Patroness of the Planar Spiders, Patroness of the Aranea, Patroness of Oppression.