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You choose your race AFTER you have chosen your nationality. Choose a race available to your nationality.

Alternately, you may choose ANY race if your party has a rare slot available to it.

Races available for player characters

Race entries are not 100% complete yet and subject to change.

  • Aarakocra are bird-like humanoids that originate from the Plane of Air. Those found in Mystara are typically refugees or exiles from that plane.
  • Aasimar are humans infused with celestial energy. The blood of angels courses through their veins and they stand tall and beautiful amongst the other races. They are sometimes called "High Men". They are most often the rare union of Human and Angel but the celestial blood within remains so strong that even offspring are full Aasimar.
  • Awakened are constructs that have been given self-awareness.
  • Changeling are subtle shapeshifters from the faerie realms that are capable of disguising their appearance. Their ability to adopt other creatures' guises make them consummate spies and criminals.
  • Dragonborn were created as agents and servitors to the great dragonlords of Mystara in a bygone era. They are a rare and unusual race encountered only rarely outside the Dragonlord Theocracies in the Wyrmsteeth Mountains.
  • Dwarves are often called the Rockborn, for they were created by the Immortal Kagyar over two thousand years ago. They are an unchanging race, locked in their traditions. It is said that all dwarves are identical to their racial ancestors and that they still speak the same exact dwarven tongue as what the Creator gifted them with.
  • Elves are a magical people of otherworldly grace, descended from the faerie realms long ago.
  • Faeries are tiny elves with gossamer wings like those of a butterfly. As curious as cats and as fearless as badgers, faeries go and do as they please.
  • Genasi are born of the union of humans and powerful genies. They have inherited powers from their elemental parent.
  • Gnomes are small humanoids that have a knack for invention, possessing a keen mind and cunning wit. Most gnomes are good natured and love a light-hearted prank or joke.
  • Goblins are small, green-skinned humanoids with floppy ears, small red glowing eyes, and a razor sharp intellect. Individually weak, goblins are highly social creatures that prefer the company of large, often overwhelming, numbers.
  • Hin, called Halflings by the ignorant, are short humanoids that prefer a pastoral life of comfort, peace, and quiet. Sadly, they seldom find it.
  • Humans are fairly self-explanatory, right?
  • Lizardfolk are primitive reptilian humanoids that are common to the swamps and jungles of the world. Most lizardfolk are primitive barbarians from the Malpheggi Swamp.
  • Lupin are a race of wolf-like humanoids that originate from the dense pine forests of northern Brun.
  • Merfolk are descended from elves that turned to the oceans in an ancient era.
  • Orcs are powerful humanoids possessed of great strength and endurance. Capable of devastatingly savage attacks and a brutal mindset, a majority of orcs have plagued the nations of Mystara.
  • Rakasta, often called "cat-folk" by others are a proud race of feline humanoids.
  • Sidhe are noble creatures of faerie that have stepped through the misty gates of the feywild to take form in the Mystara.
  • Tiefling are humans infused with the blood of devils. Their infernal heritage has left a clear impression upon them, leaving them with unusual skin, eerie facial features, sharp canine teeth and tails.
  • Verminarr are a race of rat-like humanoids that have survived a history of subjugation due to a racial disposition towards cunning, patience, and cowardice.


There are no half-breeds in Mystara. Not through normal circumstances. Occasionally some anomaly may allow an Elf and a human to spawn a half-elf or an orc and human a half-orc, but this is not a normal circumstance. In such circumstances, the child will have superficial features inherited from both parents but the character traits of the dominant parent. With the GM's permission you may play such a character. Choose the racial template of one of your two parents and apply it to your character.

Choosing the Half-Orc or Half-Elf template from the Player's Handbook counts as a Rare character, regardless of nationality. In any event, such half-breeds will produce offspring equivalent to the other parent. Two half-breeds are incapable of breeding with each other and producing offspring.