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Skills, or proficiencies, are further ways to differentiate your character from those around you. They represent certain fields of expertise, training, and knowledge that your character is particularly adept at. Apart from weapon and armor proficiencies, few skills are truly necessary to the survival of your character - your class abilities provide everything an adventurer needs to survive. Instead, skills are another way to make your character unique and diverse.
     There are many many skills in Mystara and it is unlikely that your character will become proficient in even a small fraction of them. Don't fret! Apart from the crafting proficiencies, most skills can be used untrained.


After character creation, proficiencies are acquired through the expenditure of ' downtime. Unless your character has access to a special perk (usually granted by a faction), it requires 250 days of downtime and 250gp to acquire one. There is no limit to the number of proficiencies your character can learn in this manner (other than the limits of lifespan and gametime)!


     It is quite possible for one or more proficiencies to overlap in their use or be equally valuable in a time of need. Regardless of how many skills may pertain to a specific situation, you can only gain benefit from one proficiency during an attribute check.



  • Acrobatics. Training and experience in how best to maintain balance and perform feats of dexterity.
  • Alchemy. Knowledge of crafting magical potions and elixirs.
  • Administration. The knowledge of the logistical needs and requirements of running groups both small and large, operating within an organization, and running a stronghold.
  • Animal Handling. You are trained at working with animals, and can teach them tricks, get them to follow your simple commands, or even domesticate them.
  • Arcana. The knowledge of magic, mystical rituals, and many magical creatures.
  • Astronomy. The knowledge of astronomical events, lore, and bodies.
  • Artistry. The knowledge and ability to create items that are aesthetically appealing.
  • Athletics. This skill represents a character's training or experience with climbing, jumping, swimming.


  • Blacksmithing. This is the skill in crafting weapons, armor, and other items forged of metal.]
  • Bowmaking. This skill allows you to craft bows, crossbows, arrows, and other items forged of wood.
  • Brewing. This is the art of crafting alcoholic beverages and knowledge of the mechanics involved.


  • Calligraphy. Characters skilled in Calligraphy are knowledgeable in efficient penmanship, copying of written and spoken words, and the duties of a scribe.
  • Carpentry. The ability to craft furniture and adventurer's equipment made of wood.
  • Carousing. You know how best to enjoy yourself and to improve the moods of others around you in the process.
  • Cobbling. The ability to craft shoes and boots. Why a skill? I dunno. For completion's sake, I guess.
  • Concentration. Characters skilled in Concentration are better able to maintain their focus and multitask.
  • Contraptions. Characters skilled in Contraptions understand the pseudo-technical devices of Mystara, including an Engineer's devices, mechanical traps, machinery such as drawbridges, mills, gates, and other objects with moving parts.
  • Cooking. Cooking allows a character to prepare fine meals and create culinary masterpieces.


  • Deception. Deceive and trick others through lies.
  • Disguise. Change the way you appear to others through artificial means.
  • Driving. Operate a chariot, wagon, or other mechanical vehicle.


  • Endurance This skill grants you greater ability to resist physical hardships.
  • Escape Use this skill to escape bonds, manacles, and grapples as well as to get through tight spaces.
  • Exotic Weapon Exotic Weapons are weapons that require specialized training. Each Exotic Weapon is its own skill.


  • Forgery. This skill allows you to craft forged documents to get into places you would otherwise be unable to.


  • Gaming
  • Glassmaking The skill of crafting glass into objects.


  • Herbalism. This skill allows characters to know how to find and use various herbs with magical properties in Mystara.
  • History. You have knowledge in history and past events.


  • Insight. Determine the true intentions of a creature.
  • Intimidation. You know how best to use your natural abilities to spook others.
  • Investigation. Investigation represents your ability to search for clues and gather information.


  • Jewelcrafting This is the knowledge of jewelmaking and jewelry making.


  • Law
  • Leadership
  • Leatherworking
  • Light Armor. You are trained in the use of Light Armor such as Padded or Leather armor.
  • Lip Reading


  • Martial Bludgeoning Training in the use of weapons of warfare that do bludgeoning damage.
  • Martial Piercing Training in the use of weapons of warfare that do piercing damage.
  • Martial Ranged Training in the use of ranged weapons of warfare.
  • Martial Slashing Training in the use of weapons of warfare that do slashing damage.
  • Masonry
  • Medicine
  • Medium Armor Training in the use of medium weight armors such as chain shirts or breastplates.
  • Merchant. Characters skilled in Merchant know the ins and outs of business. They are able to haggle over prices in a market or for wages for a simple job as well as know where to look for shops, which shops would be found in which districts, and even know who is who in regions they are familiar with.
  • Musical Instrument


  • Nature. The knowledge of weather, wilderness, seasonal cycles
  • Navigation


  • Perception You have learned to pay attention and use your natural abilities fully.
  • Performance
  • Persuasion. This is the understanding on how to persuade someone to your point of view and resolve arguments.
  • Poisons. The knowledge to create and use poisons
  • Pottery


  • Religion


  • Sailing
  • Shields. You have been trained in the use and maintenance of shields.
  • Simple Bludgeoning. Grants you proficiency with simple bludgeoning weapons.
  • Simple Piercing. Grants you proficiency with simple piercing weapons.
  • Simple Ranged. Grants you proficiency with simple ranged weapons.
  • Simple Slashing. Grants you proficiency with simple slashing weapons.
  • Stealth
  • Streetwise
  • Survival. The skill to survive in the wilderness, find food & water, shelter.


  • Tactics
  • Tailoring
  • Thievery